Back to reality

Today I slept until 2 in the afternoon. Now I'm back in the 215 with my peepz. Content.
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Today's Honest Tea Quote

"Anything that can be done chemically can be done by other means." - William S. Burroughs


"Sambo Beat the Bitch"


Just go read it. Distasteful.

I think I'm on Palinoverload.


bkite, b.

I just added a swell new RSS feed over on the right column - It's my brightkite feed, so if you're not Twitter friends with me because I don't know you well enough/you suck, now you can at least get to share in the photos and location-bouncing. enjoy.


Wait where is my weekend?

I'm relaxing in Jerz watching The Day After Tomorrow, as XXX doesn't have cable so I can't watch Brit Brit on the VMAs... I've been in and out of the city all weekend, with grad school orientation Friday afternoon and brunch with Kaeti on Saturday morning after a night out at pure (see photo : my beard is gettin' sexy, right?) and a quick trip back to the Poconos where I re did the layout of my home office, despite the fact that I'm not there to use it.

Classes start tomorrow. While I never stop absorbing data at right-quick speed, it's been a few years since I did the whole classroom thing. I'm stoked like I'm about to double dutch with Lil' Mama. Word.

This McCain VP ho gets a little scarier every day. Seriously - that whole Heart 'Barracuda' thing? Oy. Are they that caught up in their own egos that no one bothered to check the lyrics? Or get permission from, say, the highly un-Republican artists? What a clusterfuck.

I think my animal-free Wegman's frozen blueberry pie might be ready. I'll let y'all know how skewl goes.
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This should hold you over...

This cross-country lifestyle is killing me and I've got shittonnes of work to catch up on... If I had actual bills, I'd be worried about paying them...

Watch this while I figure out where I am today: